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good intentions: not all novelties came true

model railway photos: the right perspective (part 1)

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At the start of the new year, everyone is full of resolutions. This also applies to suppliers of scale N model trains. The novelties are announced in attractive (online) folders. But did these come true? We look back at the announced novelties for 2021 at three major brands.

Is (Mini)trix facing the same problems in the production chain as Fleischmann?

First of all, Minitrix. The models announced at the beginning of this year have largely been delivered. This includes the 1600 series, re-released by Minitrix. Not digital, without sound. The question is whether this model can surpass Fleischmann’s very good execution . Other models announced for the last quarter are also not available yet.

Does Minitrix (Trix) face the same problems as Fleischmann? In the supply of the parts to produce models, there is a lack of availability. And especially digital products, such as decoders. The chip shortage also affects model train enthusiasts. Fleischmann has therefore not announced any novelties for the winter. And the promised novelties are also delayed. The manufacturer published a list of models that will still be delivered.

The Hobbytrain brand, run by Lemke, announced various novelties at the beginning of 2021. The Vectron and Smartron are now available in various color variants. Those who had been looking forward to the Swiss rolling stock will be disappointed. Not all novelties have found their way to the shop here either.

Will it be different in 2022? In any case, we see suppliers, such as Fleischmann, adjusting expectations. In addition, demand will remain high for the time being. Retailers speak of “sustained peak sales”, which have only declined in the summer period. In short, if track N models are already available, you have to act quickly. Reservations can therefore be wise.

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