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Minitrix engine truck: why is it not sold?

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interview: the austrian Semmeringbahn in scale n

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Nine years after the power car was taken off the track, Minitrix came out with a model. This particular model was used for servicing overhead wires. In 2022, this model became available exclusively at selected dealers. While other exclusive MHI models are selling out quickly, this one is still on sale. Do model railroad enthusiasts leave this model to the right?

The great example

The great example was built in the early 1950s. Because of the progressive electrification of the German rail network, there was a need for work trains for electrification. Unmistakably, the motor car is based on the “Schienenbus.

Until 1974, more than 160 motor cars were in service. This number is huge. One of the key features was that the car could “crawl” along the rails at 5 kilometers per hour. The ideal speed to get the job done at high altitude. The original dark red color was later replaced with a more striking yellow.

The model

The model consists of a motor car and a flat car. More on the latter later. The motor car is nicely painted and the printing is very nicely done. As well as the many details on the housing, especially the “lookout” on top of the roof, with window, is a wonderful detail.

Most notable is the scaffolding on which to work. The fence that protects employees from falling can be folded up. And the “stage” can be rotated into any position. To snap it back on, press it down. This often goes wrong, the spring then shoots out and everything is on the ground.

The motor car runs excellently. The many digital functions ensure that various scenes can be recreated. Nice detail is that the lamps can also be set in various positions.

The talking and even cursing German-speaking railroad workers are actually totally useless. The remaining sound effects are appropriate for various scenes. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to adjust the volume. And that’s a shame, because ex-factory this is very loud.

The included flat wagon is beautifully made. A “laser-cut” wooden bottom and a copper catenary on top. The rendering is very realistic. Even so realistic that it stands out against other wagons. The wagon is coupled with a special rod. This is not practical. With us, the wagon disappeared into the display case permanently rather quickly.


In conclusion, this is a very successful model. That also rides well. It is, however, a very fragile model where something can break quickly. The quality of the attachment of the folding work stage is downright poor. Especially at a price of over 350 euros. Because the model is still widely available; it is worth looking for a good offer. Your editors had the model in their hands for 230 euros. And that is a very reasonable price for this motor car.

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