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N-rail store quits and DTS back to the core

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Stores with good service and a strong offering in scale N are of great value to hobbyists. Therefore, here special attention to two good and extremely reliable scale N stores that came up with noteworthy news recently. Because N-spoorstore is ending and Domburg Train Support is going back to the core. In both cases, this leads to attractive offers.

Domburg Train Support back to the core

Domburg Train Support, DTS for short, is the address for your editors for all questions regarding digitization. At the editorial office, we regularly receive beginner and expert questions on this topic. Therefore, we always refer these readers to DTS.

The owner of DTS already announced in his own newsletter and on Instagram that the company is going back to its core. Everything around digitization, including workshops and building jobs.

The announcement makes Martin in its current location a former old flour mill. This one is undergoing a major overhaul. This will include a new space for workshops, repairs and digitization. There will also be a showroom and the web shop will remain. However model trains are delivered more to order.

To ensure that the current stock does not have to be moved and stored, there is a substantial discount. Items in stock go out the door at 25% off. Fortunately, there is a filter in the web shop to see only products in stock, because it is decreasing rapidly.

N-spoorstore stops altogether

After twenty years, cake is over at N-rail store. The store was one of the few that exclusively featured scale N products. The physical store that began in a garage grew like hell. A number of times there were moves.

The platform was there for all scale N enthusiasts in the Netherlands. With its own lively forum and on-line web shop. Also one of the first in the Netherlands.

The store, frequent travel to trade shows at home and abroad takes its toll on the owners. Hans and Ineke decide to look for a successor. Although their children have often helped out, they do not see it as an option to follow in their parents’ footsteps.

It is also difficult to find another party. Stock costs are high, margins in model trains very small. Banks want guarantees and are not at the forefront of lending to would-be successors.

Eventually it is decided to dissolve the company. Since March 1, 2024, the physical and online stores have been completely emptied. With discounts of up to 30% – this leaves barely any margin left. In the on line shop there are still a few remaining batches left at very attractive discounts. On June 29, 2024, the curtain falls.

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