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The Dutch supplier Artitec supplies all kinds of objects for scenery on the model railroad. With the recent announcement of novelties, there is a comprehensive set of products that make it possible to build a campsite. We introduce them below.

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Checking in at the campsite

The smaller Preiser folks have had quite a trip down the model road when they report to the campground reception. To that end, Artitec released set 14,177 (€23.70). This virtually ready-to-use kit still needs to be color-matched. Vallejo Rust and Metal (VA70150) helps with this. The owner’s old blue tractor (set 316.055 21.60 euros) lends a hand when necessary with placing the caravan.

The real campers are supplied by Noch under item number 36851, 36590 or 36560 (all around 12 euros). Naked campers are also welcome, Noch set 36949 (12.60 euros).

Camping guests arrive with a car of their choice. If they carry their own caravan, it is from the Wiking set number 092209 or 092210 (around 12 euros).

Setting up the tent

For some time, Atrictec has been releasing various versions of tents. For example, there is set 316.118 (14.90 euros) containing several large and small tents. Supplemented by a more detailed set with a real Alpenkreuzer (set 316.116 15.90 Euro). Around the tents we put up all kinds of camping gear such as a table, air mattress and cooler (set 316.122 17.50 euros). A campsite in the middle of the mountains? Then real sports bikes are a nice addition to put down (set 316.037 11.40 euros). Children’s bicycles are available as set 316.01 (13.10 euros).

For some nice play equipment, Faller (272568 23.00 euros) can be sourced.

The facilities

There is already a cafeteria at the reception. So the inner (camping) man is already provided for in his 1:160 scale. Of course nice if these guests can also take good care of themselves. And being able to go to the bathroom! You can do that in artitec’s combined wash and toilet building (14,176 11.70 euros). This building also needs to be colored with paint. For that, the same set can be used from Vallejo.

Enough ingredients to create the summer feeling on the train track!

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