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Supplier Viessmann is releasing a new signal for scale N enthusiasts this year. At least if the signals are based on German standards. And that is a fact among many model railroad enthusiasts. And that is not surprising when German rolling stock in particular is used.

In Germany, there is a signal in use that the Dutch railroads are not familiar with. A signal that tells the driver if it is safe to cross the level crossing. In Germany, this is called an “Überwachungssignal.”

In these so-called Üs systems, a monitoring signal is used to indicate to the driver that the level crossing is protected. The crossing is considered secured when the red lights come on. The position of the barriers is basically irrelevant for determining status.

The signals are normally at braking distance from the transition. So that the driver can still come to a stop in time. In practice, we see many pictures of signals standing just before the crossing. This presents opportunities for model railroading; where example faithful distances are often difficult to achieve.

If the railroad crossing is safe; then the white light blinks. In jargon, this is called Bü1. With Viessmann, to make the signal flash, set 5065 is also required. In combination with a relay and the right switching moments on the model railroad, a realistic and especially attractive picture can be created.

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