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New base: modeltex makes realistic concrete slabs

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A Stelcon slab is a concrete slab that is widely used on industrial sites. Framed with a metal border. As early as the 1930s, these were in full use. Ideal for model railroaders to quickly create larger industrial surfaces. Also ideal for going all out with weathering. The Belgian brand Modeltex is literally laying new groundwork.

“Everything started with experimenting and manufacturing substrates for model railroading myself,” says Frank Agterberg of Modeltex, “The existing prints on paper or foam in the market were not quite what I was looking for. Not realistic enough, or not qualitative enough”.

Therefore, a series of ready-made Stelcon slabs was devised in-house. A print of Stelcon slabs is printed on a foam substrate. Whole new, unhardened plates and also ready aged. Nice detail is that many plates have the original lifting holes, which are less common these days.

“The response was positive,” Frank continued. “And they don’t dent when you lean on them like they would with, say, foam. It’s softer like wood to work with and less heavy and cumbersome as plaster.”

The plates are now also available in N scale (1:160). A plate is available in A4 or A3 size. In scale N, one A4 sheet will usually suffice. All depends on the kind of project you do. One plate is 3 millimeters thick. You have to take that into account if you want to apply it (retrospectively). Prices range from 12 to 24 euros.

To make the stelcon slabs look really realistic, it is really worth watching the short tutorial . Because the right effect is achieved by applying scratches yourself. This creates relief in the plates, which creates a very realistic look. Paint can be used to apply tire marks or bits of greenery. Applying a lacquer at the end really adds a finishing touch.

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