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up the tree with Noch: how to get to the top yourself

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Everyone has dreamed of having their own tree house. On the layout, Noch is now making this dream a reality with “Tree with house” (article number 21766). For less than 20 euros you get a tree with a cardboard house placed in it. There is clearly work to be done here.

It looks too neat and the residents are missing. Getting started to apply a bit of “weathering” and with a lot of hassle to get the right (children) Nor dolls in it (article number 36809). Looking at the tree, the question arises: how do the children get into the hut? The answer consists of a number of ingredients:

  • wood glue
  • superglue
  • A piece of (brown) sewing thread
  • A car tire (for example from Juweela)

Step 1. Make the rope

A band on a rope, to be used as a swing and climbing rope to go up. A rope in scale N of ordinary yarn, that does not work. The yarn will never hang tight. That is why we stretch the brown yarn tightly, for example between two nails and apply wood glue with our fingers. Let it cure for a few hours and you have perpendicular, bendable wire.

Step 2. Attach the wire to the tree

Because the wire is pliable, you make a kind of ‘L-shape’ at the end. This is fixed with a drop of glue on the underside of a branch. In the example directly on the ‘leaves’. Let this harden well. Preferably with the wire in the correct position.

Step 3. Fasten the car tire

In the last step, the car tire is attached to the wire. This can be done with a very small drop of superglue. The climbing rope is ready. Share your photo of the project on Instagram by “tagging” @123_N_Scale.


It’s a shame the tree isn’t from the NOCH pro series. These trees are significantly finer and more detailed. Nevertheless, it is a successful model that, with a few minor adjustments, likes to be in the foreground as an eye- catcher .

  • Tree with tree house
  • Supplier: Nor
  • Item number(s): 21766
  • Target price: € 19.99

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