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As a novice model railroader, it is sometimes a challenge to find the right products. Which vegetation, which model house and how to decorate? Suppliers such as Noch lend a hand with a ready-to-use set of matching products. To easily model a diorama or scene. We looked at the theme set ‘Alm’ (63616) from Noch.


The box in the well-known bright yellow color shows a beautiful scene of a small mountain hut surrounded by trees, a mountain wall, hay bales, cows and a fence. All that dressed up with the necessary grass. You could call it a ‘suggestion’, in reality the box contains:

  • A (lasercut) mountain hut
  • a fence
  • Set of alpine cows
  • A bag of grass
  • (Special) wood glue

So it takes more than just this content to create a complete scene.

The mountain hut

The lasercut (from cardboard) mountain hut is a nice set to build. The elements are well cut and the instructions clear. In scale N, it quickly becomes difficult if you have to build a staircase with separate steps. A sharp hobby knife, tweezers and a lot of patience are key. Build step by step and let it dry well each time. The supplied (UHU) wood glue works well, I like to keep it for the following kits.

The hut becomes much more lively if you provide it with its own color scheme. Then the ‘cardboard look’ disappears and a pleasant ‘cosy’ hut appears. Apply paint fairly dry, not (too) wet because of the cardboard.

The decoration materials

The cows with their bells around their necks fit well in the mountains. It is a pity that the set does not contain a farmer who fits the herd. The gates are also good. Right size, certainly not too big and sufficient in number and length to make a decent ‘pasture’ in the mountains.

The grass is more yellow/green in color. There are also brown chunks (cork) in it. These probably represent stones. In any case, it didn’t work out very well. In addition, I know this grass color more from autumn, when it has rained for a long time and the sun rarely shines. A theme that few modellers will choose. I put it away and used my own grass.


Except for the grass, a nice set. For the beginner who avoids having to find everything himself. Also for the more advanced builder. For the same reason and it is cheaper than buying all the elements separately.

  • Theme set “Alm”
  • Supplier: Nor
  • Item number(s): 63616
  • Target price: € 38.99

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