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Like many people during the Corona crisis, Marcus started model trains as a hobby, to spend his time meaningfully. The difference is that he already knew in 1988 that this was going to happen.

His compact 160×80 cm layout is located in Nuremberg, Germany. The handy size ensures that the track can easily be moved around the house. On a table, a bed, the floor, the layout fits everywhere. And so Marcus can combine his favorite hobby of photography with his passion for model trains. In a short time, he gained more than 4,000 followers on Instagram. And that is understandable, because the photos are really ‘pictures’.

the layout CHARACTERISTICS by a controlled amount of well-developed details.

The theme of the course is the countryside in the rural areas north of Nuremberg. The goal was to have a layout where his steam locomotives, which he loved, could find a place. This means that the track and equipment are concentrated around epochs I, II and III. Roughly everything between 1835 and 1965. For some purists perhaps incompatible, on Marcus’ track these eras merge effortlessly.

The analog track was built in six months. Now it is mainly landscape details that are added, which enrich the photos even more. The track is controlled analogously in order to be able to drive with older, second-hand, equipment. Which is mainly obtained through sites such as eBay. The desired models are hardly available new and the current prices make purchasing second-hand equipment attractive.

Trees are always bought in scale H0 1:87. Marcus’ experience is that most Scale N trees are far too small.

Depending on the desired model, research is done on the internet to find the best supplier and price. That is why in this model world all brands mix together (Trix, Arnold, Roco, Fleischmann).

A special place in the collection is the V118 diesel locomotive. In 1988 during a visit to East Berlin, there were still East German Marks ‘Ostmark’ left at the end of the trip. Then Marcus passed a model train shop with his girlfriend; there the last money was spent on a small PIKO starter set.

To tackle challenges, online resources such as Google, Youtube, Stummiform and Spurweite-N are consulted. The latter has an invaluable source of information on released models and their prices.

Most of the scenery comes from Woodland Scenics and Heki . Trees are always bought in scale H0 1:87. Marcus’ experience is that most Scale N trees are far too small. In reality, trees also grow very large. Furthermore, the layout is characterized by a controlled amount of well-developed details.

The photos on the instagram account ( @kleinewelt_in_n ) are a feast for the eyes. There is a lot of variety in the equipment shown and in each photo you can discover details that are inspiring for your own layout.

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