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n gauge model: beautiful but more expensive and less details

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More and more companies and individuals are making the move to 3D printing techniques for their model building. It is often a cheaper alternative than the ready-made scale models. Small and large companies also offer these models for sale. Through ” N Gauge Models ” I received several models.

The first thing you notice is the sizing. For scale N this is 1:160, in other words every centimeter is in reality 160 centimeters. N Gauge Models uses the scale 1:148, so that makes a difference of 8%. The non-standard sizing is the standard for N scale in the UK. The question is whether you observe this in practice.

First the verdict on the 3D printed model. After printing, this is hand painted and even provided with ‘signs of use’, such as dirty tractor tires. The painting is neatly done. The edges are nicely finished. Characteristic of a tractor is the large transparent cabin. This is lacking in the printed model. Where the windows should be, the surfaces are painted matt black.

Back to the scale. Do you see the difference in practice? I don’t think that’s the issue. Certainly not if the model is isolated. And even in close proximity to a 1:160 tractor, the difference in size is barely noticeable. The photo confirms this image. Where a Wiking tractor (in green) is near the N Gauge Models tractor.

What is striking is the degree of detail. This is significantly less and certainly the lack of windows makes the model less suitable for being prominent in the picture. The question that remains is whether the price can compensate for this.

The Wiking tractor (article number 960 01 24) costs about 9 euros. The model from N Gauge Models around 15 euros. More expensive than the detailed and significantly nicer Wiking model. In this case, the price is therefore not more favorable for the 3D printed model. At a lower price, it was a nice model to give substance to scenes in the landscape in the background.

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