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work on the track with an excavator

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Track work is rewarding scenes to recreate on the model railroad. It makes it possible to bring the mini figures and vehicles close to the track. They reflect the dynamics of the rail business. A train moving slowly past the works. A workman holding a flag high. The work mostly involves cranes on trolleys. Excavators or cranes that can operate on both road and rail. Krol in brief.

In the Netherlands in April 2023, there was a terrible accident involving a troll near the Voorschoten train station. The driver of the troll was killed and about a dozen people were injured. This article was written before the accident in question occurred.

Also available in N scale (1:160) are these cranes on trolleys. Lemke supplies a Liebherr brand crane to the market under the Minis brand name. And even in our small scale N it is possible to move the trolleys. This means that the crane can be placed on the track next to or very realistically with lorries unfolded. The cab can move as well as the arm. With this, a realistic position can be created.

DM Toys supplies 3D printed models for home construction. It is a model of the great example Atlas. The DM Toys website has a German-language manual on how to prepare such a model for construction. When the model is assembled, the cab and arm of the crane can move. The latter does require patience and is a very precise job.

To completely dress up the scene, Noch supplies the necessary workers under item number 12011. Some discarded rails in a rusty color also dress up the area and give the impression of real work.

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