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temporarily a snow-white landscape

good intentions: not all novelties came true

profile: the Friedrichshausener Eisenbahngesellschaft

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In the German magazine N Bahn Magazine there was a description of the track “Schildburg”, completely covered in snow. The maker has been working on this for six years. Is it possible to do that in less time and have summer return to the track soon?

Of course, a winter landscape that someone has worked on for six years cannot just be matched. The degree of detailing and appearance of such a layout takes a lot of time and attention. And despite the fact that the vast majority of layouts have a (late) summer theme, a winter scene beckons around the dark days before Christmas. For a moment.

Fresh snow on the square, the band continues to play tirelessly

Suppliers respond to this by making ‘snow’ which, according to the packaging, is easy to remove. Ideal for transforming part of the train track into a winter landscape. Noch snow was used for this.

The snow is blowing in all directions. Especially on the railways, this can cause unintended winter perils in the timetable.

As prescribed, the snow is spread over the landscape with a small house-garden-and-kitchen sieve. By gently tapping it, the snow swirls on the landscape. A thin powdered sugar-like layer is formed. On roofs on which a little more falls, the snow rolls down. The effect is surprisingly believable.

The snow drifts in all directions, soon parts that have not been dusted are also covered by a very thin layer of white powder. Something to keep in mind. Especially on the railways, this can cause unintended winter perils in the timetable.

Because the snow falls unimpeded everywhere, the Preiserlein figures have to be cleaned with a brush of the – relatively – immense heap of snow on their heads.

In places where the snow becomes too thick, there is little to save. Removing with the vacuum cleaner is the only advice. Dividing with a brush is hardly possible because the snow then clumps in N scale proportions to create unnatural chunks of snow.

Ninety percent of the snow is removed with the vacuum cleaner.

After a photo session of the snow it is time to clean up everything. Easy with the vacuum cleaner. And that goes well for 90%, the snow can be sucked up without resistance. The remaining ten percent remains between the figures, cars and the edges of the buildings.

A lot of patience is needed to clean up this last remnant. And it is hardly possible without dolls disappearing in the petty thief and parts of the landscape are removed. An afternoon of repair work is soon on the agenda.

  • snow powder
  • Supplier: NOCH
  • Item number(s): 3750
  • Target price: € 8.49

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